Herbal Wedding Inspiration

Often weddings incorporate flowers into the styling, but what about herbs? They have the added benefit of being particularly scented, competing with, or often complementing, their floral counterparts,. They offer a range of stunning shapes and colours, too. Best of all, they don’t wilt - Bonus!

If herbs are part of your theme, here’s a collection of ideas to help you weave it in to a consistent aesthetic throughout your wedding style.


It may be an illustrative or photographic approach, or you may prefer the real thing! Whichever style you use, keep it as a common theme throughout your design decisions to keep it neat. Your guests will then come to know your ‘branding’ and know where to look for information.


Buttonholes and bouquets


Food and drink



It’s worth looking into the meanings of different herbs and flowers, as this can mean some sentiment is wrapped up in the style you choose. You can make the smallest details so special to you as a couple - and these nods to you both may even take centre stage. Happy planning!

Rainy Wedding Ideas

I know, I know - Rain on your wedding day would be a disaster, right? Personally I love all that winter has to bring, including a storm (but I realise I’m unique in this!). With all the wet weather we’re having recently, I’ve put together some ideas for those planning for rain on their big day.

Umbrellas (obvs)

I mean, its the go-to first choice to protect you from the rain. But you can also make it a big part of the aesthetic of the day. You could choose a rainbow, your chosen colours, or transparent ones might be best if your ceremony is outdoors, so everyone can see what’s going on! And if it doesn’t rain? Who cares - There’s a beautiful canopy of brollies. They could be given out as favours or rented for the day from somewhere like Brolliesgalore!


For you, for the decorations, for the signage. If you’re getting married in the UK it might just rain, so make it your theme!

Raincoats and jackets

Style it up and show the rain who’s boss by embracing the waterproofs!

Pre-hot-booze rain dance (for the brave)

Yes, it’s a thing. Ok, so I just made it up, but hear me out. Get your guests to run out in the rain with you. The photographer can get some amazing stormy shots, puddle splashes and screams, and then you can all come back in to a table of blankets, mirrors for hair-and-make-up-checks, Bailey’s hot chocs, Tuthilltown Toddys or even mulled wine. Throw in some cookies, and what the hell, some shots. It’s a party!

by Schilling Photography via  wilkieblog.com

by Schilling Photography via wilkieblog.com