Herbal Wedding Inspiration

Often weddings incorporate flowers into the styling, but what about herbs? They have the added benefit of being particularly scented, competing with, or often complementing, their floral counterparts,. They offer a range of stunning shapes and colours, too. Best of all, they don’t wilt - Bonus!

If herbs are part of your theme, here’s a collection of ideas to help you weave it in to a consistent aesthetic throughout your wedding style.


It may be an illustrative or photographic approach, or you may prefer the real thing! Whichever style you use, keep it as a common theme throughout your design decisions to keep it neat. Your guests will then come to know your ‘branding’ and know where to look for information.


Buttonholes and bouquets


Food and drink



It’s worth looking into the meanings of different herbs and flowers, as this can mean some sentiment is wrapped up in the style you choose. You can make the smallest details so special to you as a couple - and these nods to you both may even take centre stage. Happy planning!

Top 5 European Destination Wedding Venues

This is so indulgent, but hey - It can’t hurt to look. I’ve lusted after stunning landscapes, tropical weather and venues oozing with that something special. Here’s a collection of my faves!

This Must Be The Place, Barcelona

Let’s start with a bang! This beautiful venue is just an hour outside of Barcelona and Girona, and was set up by a couple who left London to pursue their dream. This Spanish farmhouse, or ‘finca’ has stood proud since the 14th Century and now plays host to weddings, yoga retreats and parties.

All images courtesy of the venue.


Chateau of Arcangues, French Basque Country

Located close to the Atlantic coast and the Spanish border, this French stately home was the first house of the Lord of Arcangues and Curutcheta in 1150, who gave his name to the village. To this day, the d'Arcangues family has been living on the same location.

Photography by Matthias Toth


Frafjord, Norway

Having visited Norway as part of my honeymoon, it’s not concrete that it’s one of my favourite destinations to visit. The Fjords are absolutely breathtaking; there’s a magic about the air and the atmosphere that’s truly electric.

These images of Henriette & George’s wedding shot by Simon Buck give you a flavour of place so wonderfully.


Theros Wave Bar, Santorini

If you’re looking for something a little warmer, let’s try Santorini. This hidden jewel of the southern beaches has a secluded location, so it’s great for partying into the early hours!

Image sources cited beneath each.


Tenuta Casteani, Tuscany

Guys, I’ve saved the best for last because when I stumbled upon this place, I honestly shouted. It’s so stunning - Set amongst the hills of the Italian countryside, with views to die for (and that’s before we even mention the wine!)

Images courtesy of the venue.


Are you planning a destination wedding? Make sure your stationery lives up to the beauty of your venue and get in touch about completely bespoke designs for your big day.

Rainy Wedding Ideas

I know, I know - Rain on your wedding day would be a disaster, right? Personally I love all that winter has to bring, including a storm (but I realise I’m unique in this!). With all the wet weather we’re having recently, I’ve put together some ideas for those planning for rain on their big day.

Umbrellas (obvs)

I mean, its the go-to first choice to protect you from the rain. But you can also make it a big part of the aesthetic of the day. You could choose a rainbow, your chosen colours, or transparent ones might be best if your ceremony is outdoors, so everyone can see what’s going on! And if it doesn’t rain? Who cares - There’s a beautiful canopy of brollies. They could be given out as favours or rented for the day from somewhere like Brolliesgalore!


For you, for the decorations, for the signage. If you’re getting married in the UK it might just rain, so make it your theme!

Raincoats and jackets

Style it up and show the rain who’s boss by embracing the waterproofs!

Pre-hot-booze rain dance (for the brave)

Yes, it’s a thing. Ok, so I just made it up, but hear me out. Get your guests to run out in the rain with you. The photographer can get some amazing stormy shots, puddle splashes and screams, and then you can all come back in to a table of blankets, mirrors for hair-and-make-up-checks, Bailey’s hot chocs, Tuthilltown Toddys or even mulled wine. Throw in some cookies, and what the hell, some shots. It’s a party!

by Schilling Photography via  wilkieblog.com

by Schilling Photography via wilkieblog.com

Offbeat catering ideas

If you’re having a less traditional wedding which doesn’t include a long formal sit-down meal, you still want to be able to provide some delicious, interesting alternatives to feeding and entertaining your guests. I’ve tried, tested and scoured to find these catering ideas that will not only fill your guests up, but really wow them too!

Grazing tables

A grazing table is a stunning spread of delicious food that is set up for the whole event, meaning your guests can pick and choose what they want and continue to eat throughout the day. This is a great option if you have some drinkers at your reception, too, as it’ll keep them chomping and balancing out the booze!

Companies like Berry + Brie and Grape & Fig specialise in bringing you nourishing, stunning cuisine and keeping it looking and tasting fresh. And just think of the photos!

Street food trucks

Coco Dining rustles up the best of street food under one (super cute van) roof. Think Bahn Mi, burgers, fish and chips and burritos. They’d be great for a vintage flair, casual wedding.

If you’re looking for something homey and delicious, you could try The Cheese Truck. Serving up tasty toasties from your basic cheddar through to a goats’ cheese, honey, walnut and rosemary butter concoction that’s frankly making me want an early lunch right now.


This may be too unusual for some, but it can make for a beautifully intimate wedding idea that really brings people together. You may be uncomfortable with guests paying for their food, or it might be a great way of keeping to a budget. I think the community-feel around breaking bread together, especially when it’s been made by the people there at the table, is really special.

Drinks and cocktails

Nelson + Pops have a beautiful prosecco van and you can even personalise it to have your names and wedding theme. Ideal!

What’s a summer celebration without a Pimms? And you can get your very own Pimms Pop Up Bar - either in a traditional format, by tricyle or phone box! - from Quirky Group. I love this bold aesthetic!

Sweet treats

I’m not sure what it says about me that this section is longer than the others, but there are a few shout-outs to YUMMY companies that I just have to make!

Humble Crumble make hearty, sumptuous fillings with delish crunchy, crumbly toppings that are just too good to miss. They could be the dessert at your reception, or a great nibble for later on.

Another too-good-to-miss treat is the mini pavlovas by Meringue Girls. They’re scrummy, can be made into colours and flavours to fit your wedding and are so photogenic!

If you’re having a bonfire as part of your wedding, it’d be a cute ideas to give out S’mores as favours. Later on, when cosying up by the fire, guests can crack out the marshmallows and melt themselves a dream of a snack. The Knot have put together a helpful DIY guide.

Have you ever had a baklava ice cream sandwich? You can stuff yourself silly with them if you book Darlish, the Persian ice cream cart!

Whatever you choose, I’d really recommend a tasting session first. This not only allows you to make sure you’re making the right decision, but you get to treat yourself to some lovely food, so it really is a win-win. Happy snacking!

5 Things I Wish I'd Known When Planning My Wedding

Unless you’re an event planner - and even when you are - the process of planning the biggest celebration of your life so far can be overwhelming to say the least. Sure, there’s a list of things you can use to structure the planning. Dress - tick. Venue - tick. Music - tick. Cake - tick. Stationery - 😉- tick. You know the score.

Still, I felt like planning my wedding was a huge learning curve - Who I can rely on, how to herd cats, and how to balance lots of suppliers at once. Here’s my Top 5 Tips from what I experienced:

1 Choose the right photographer

We knew we wanted a documentary-style with candid interactions, magic moments and a cool, urban aesthetic. We found someone who had a very impressive portfolio, but on the day, his heart was no where near being in it. As a result, we don’t have any of our photos printed and displayed around our house. Even nearly 3 years on, thinking about that experience still upsets me!

Since becoming a wedding supplier myself, I’ve interacted with many AMAZING photographers. The best ones really get to know you as a couple, and they’re absolutely passionate about capturing your relationship, your family and the - dare I say it - magic of your day fo’ real. If I could go back in time, I’d shop around and really make sure we had made the right choice. You only get to do the day once!

Here are some of my top recommendations. These photographers all have the personality and the skills to shoot your big day:

Sidey Clark

Lex Fleming

Joanna Bongard

2 Understand your venue

Our venue was awesome - If I do say so myself. Think bare brick, glass ceilings, botanical plants and, I kid you not, a giant prop room to dip in to and decorate with. The staff were amazing, the location was perfect, and they made the day fantastic fun.

As big fans of live music, a huge part of our plans revolved around having a band to play in the evening. The dance floor and the bar were either side of some french doors.

When planning this out we underestimated two things: Firstly, some people there hadn’t seen each other for years. They wanted to catch up, and they did that where it wasn’t so loud. Secondly, people like to drink at weddings. That seems obvious, but it meant that the band were playing to a couple of people, rather than the masses, because most people hung out near the source. 🍷

My advice: Make sure you think about how each part of your day and night will work. Factor in your guests’ needs, rather than what you want them to do, and things will be much more relaxed!

by Rebecca Douglas Photography, via  cocoweddingvenues.co.uk

by Rebecca Douglas Photography, via cocoweddingvenues.co.uk

3 Try a bit of everything

You get one chance to play the ‘I’m engaged!’ card, so use it to really experience some different options. For example, I was in the very fortunate position that my lovely step-mum made my wedding dress. It was beautiful, and exactly what I wanted. Since my friends have got engaged, though, I feel like I missed out on going to a bridal boutique. I never tried on a wedding dress in a shop, drank that free prosecco, waltzed in and out of a changing room in loads of different styles, and now I never will. Moreover, my mum, bridesmaids and Nanna missed out because I refused to get on board.

At the end of the day, I loved what I wore and I felt great. That’s all a bride could want! But if I could give myself some advice back then, it would have been not to shy away from experiences because they made me self-conscious and just embrace a nice day out. 👰

My best friend didn’t want a hen because they’re expensive, a political minefield and ultimately in her view, a big fuss. We went away for the weekend - we, the bridesmaids and her - and we knew that actually, she’d enjoy a cheeky tiara and a game of Mr & Mrs. She also didn’t factor in that making a fuss of her was no biggie for us - We love her! She was so happy with the little surprises we planned. She’s admitted since that life is just better wearing the tiara too, so I think that’s a win for hen-dos!

There may be elements of your day that you think ‘I don’t need that’ - and it’s good to know what you want. Just don’t write yourself out of fun because you think you don’t deserve it.

4 You can’t control it all - and you shouldn’t!

Retrospectively, I wonder how may brides think about how involved their partner felt when planning the wedding. I know my husband would’ve liked to have been more involved, but I had this tunnel-vision about the aesthetic, the atmosphere, the-who-what-where of it all and honestly, I didn’t really let him in all that much. This is my biggest regret regarding wedding planning.

If you need a hand, I’d really recommend a great professional like Laura or Union, who will allow you to focus on your fiancé(e) and not stupid things, like which forks to choose!

I had all these irrational fears about my wedding day - Random people turning up, red wine down my dress, fights, no food! Well, none of that happened, but there were a few accidents and mishaps I hadn’t even imagined. The long and short of that is, I wasted time and positive energy fearing things I couldn’t control. On the day, things happened that weren’t planned for, but we cracked on and the day was still the best. Embrace the good, forget the bad, try to have some fun.

5 Make it personal

Lots of people want to feel involved and special at your wedding, but cut out all the pomp and you’re simply left with two people who love each other. Focus, always, on that. Don’t compromise what you both want, and stick together as a team. Make sure you and your guests look around and think, ‘This is so them/us’.

Venues, bands, photographers - They are great at weddings because they do it a LOT. Make sure yours isn’t the same as the next one and that things are sentimental and special to the two of you.

A great place to start is your guests’ first glance - Your Save the Dates. Get in touch if you need a hand and we can capture what you want for your day - and your marriage - in a design just for you.