Offbeat catering ideas

If you’re having a less traditional wedding which doesn’t include a long formal sit-down meal, you still want to be able to provide some delicious, interesting alternatives to feeding and entertaining your guests. I’ve tried, tested and scoured to find these catering ideas that will not only fill your guests up, but really wow them too!

Grazing tables

A grazing table is a stunning spread of delicious food that is set up for the whole event, meaning your guests can pick and choose what they want and continue to eat throughout the day. This is a great option if you have some drinkers at your reception, too, as it’ll keep them chomping and balancing out the booze!

Companies like Berry + Brie and Grape & Fig specialise in bringing you nourishing, stunning cuisine and keeping it looking and tasting fresh. And just think of the photos!

Street food trucks

Coco Dining rustles up the best of street food under one (super cute van) roof. Think Bahn Mi, burgers, fish and chips and burritos. They’d be great for a vintage flair, casual wedding.

If you’re looking for something homey and delicious, you could try The Cheese Truck. Serving up tasty toasties from your basic cheddar through to a goats’ cheese, honey, walnut and rosemary butter concoction that’s frankly making me want an early lunch right now.


This may be too unusual for some, but it can make for a beautifully intimate wedding idea that really brings people together. You may be uncomfortable with guests paying for their food, or it might be a great way of keeping to a budget. I think the community-feel around breaking bread together, especially when it’s been made by the people there at the table, is really special.

Drinks and cocktails

Nelson + Pops have a beautiful prosecco van and you can even personalise it to have your names and wedding theme. Ideal!

What’s a summer celebration without a Pimms? And you can get your very own Pimms Pop Up Bar - either in a traditional format, by tricyle or phone box! - from Quirky Group. I love this bold aesthetic!

Sweet treats

I’m not sure what it says about me that this section is longer than the others, but there are a few shout-outs to YUMMY companies that I just have to make!

Humble Crumble make hearty, sumptuous fillings with delish crunchy, crumbly toppings that are just too good to miss. They could be the dessert at your reception, or a great nibble for later on.

Another too-good-to-miss treat is the mini pavlovas by Meringue Girls. They’re scrummy, can be made into colours and flavours to fit your wedding and are so photogenic!

If you’re having a bonfire as part of your wedding, it’d be a cute ideas to give out S’mores as favours. Later on, when cosying up by the fire, guests can crack out the marshmallows and melt themselves a dream of a snack. The Knot have put together a helpful DIY guide.

Have you ever had a baklava ice cream sandwich? You can stuff yourself silly with them if you book Darlish, the Persian ice cream cart!

Whatever you choose, I’d really recommend a tasting session first. This not only allows you to make sure you’re making the right decision, but you get to treat yourself to some lovely food, so it really is a win-win. Happy snacking!