Monochrome Party

Sometimes nothing beats just a little bit of simplicity. The contrast and balance of a black-and-white combo is so crisp and classy, and it can also be fun when mixed with patterns and textures. Here are a few of our current faves ideas for decorations, stationery and party food.


As the weather is most certainly changing from bright-and-warm summer to, well, scarf weather, I’m looking more at the beautiful muted colours of the new season. I absolutely love when it gets colder, and all the homey comforts that come with it: Hot chocolate, wooly accessories and of course, that gorgeous timeless palette we know and love.

Whilst seeking out inspiration for my work, I’ve collated together some of my fave highlights from stationery designers, fashion photographers, fabrics and foods which embody the cosiness of Autumn.

© Photo: Daniele Oberrauch /,Photo: Daniele Oberrauch / Gorun via

© Photo: Daniele Oberrauch /,Photo: Daniele Oberrauch / Gorun